About Maxwell Mojo

Who is Maxwell Mojo? Where did this guy come from? What’s going on here?

Good questions. And questions which deserve answers. But we can’t give them all to you right now. You have to wait for the webisodes, the James Cameron directed feature film, and the “Behind the Music” episodes which have not been written. Yet.

Honestly, Maxwell Mojo is a bit enigmatic. A puzzle. Within a brain teaser. Within another puzzle. Inside a jar. With a lock. OK – you get the picture. But really, we’ll give you as much information as we can now without government clearance.

First of all, it is true. Maxwell Mojo is a blues band just like any other.  OK – we’re not like many of the other blues bands. You will not hear three hours of painfully similar shuffles or 24 minute long slow blues. Nor will you hear Led Zeppelin tunes passed off as blues. What you will hear, however, is a virtual history of modern blues spanning from jazz/jump blues all the way to the high-energy electric blues of today and everything in between. You see, Maxwell Mojo was not built with puzzle pieces who had the same history and influences. Rather, Max Mojo (as we like to call them) was formed from multi-instrumental musicians of all different backgrounds but a similar love for the blues.

A Max Mojo show is not your typical blues show. It’s kinda like a circus, but without the smell of large animals. And no clowns. DEFINITELY no clowns. Well, maybe it isn’t a circus. Perhaps more like an open market festival.

But WHO are the musicians? Also a good question. We got approval from the powers that be to release that information. Max Mojo is:

  • Tony “Mississippi Sax” Medina – Harmonica, Vocals, Congas/Percussion
  • Scott Evans – Guitar, Vocals, and pretty much anything that makes noise
  • Ron “Spindaddy” Regnas – Bass, Vocals, and the happiest man alive. Honestly, we think he is.
  • tim “doc” romanowski – Keys, vocals, and shenanigans
  • Thom Dixon – Drums, percussion
  • Ellis Wright – Saxophone
  • Will Cooper – Trombone
  • Patrick wright – Trumpet

Check us out in your neck of the woods – you’ll be glad you did!

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