Wow… where to begin? First of all, many thanks to our friends, family, and fans. We packed the Two Brothers Roundhouse. Standing room only.
We got some great comments from people at the show – some of my personal faves?

You guys were on FIRE last night and I am 100% convinced that everyone else there would agree with me. Nothing but PERFECTION gentlemen! Well done!!!

En fuego! Everybody raved about the band yesterday- for good reason! Congratulations on the CD and to this milestone in your lives. Your music is from the heart and I hope you doggedly showcase the recording, which needs to be shared.

Last night was awesome! Bought the CD…can’t wait for the next live performance!

All I can say is WOOOOWWWW!!

Guys – there is not enough room to explain how much I enjoyed your show. YOU GUYS ROCKED. You all should be very proud. I can at least say “I knew them when…” Great Job!!

Dewd… Fun And just a great array of musicianship! You Rocked Da House!

Awesome is the word that sums up the CD release party last night. Didn’t think I was going to make it but did and it was well worth it.

You guys sounded GREAT…. I saw you at the Roundhouse. Keep us updated when you will be doing future gigs. :)

At the cd release….blowing the doors off …great job guys

This is all so very humbling… we can’t begin to express our gratitude for all the support. We came into this just wanting to put our hearts into some tunes and give it our best shot and it’s just truly humbling to hear such high praise!

We’ve been asked about future gigs – will be posting those shortly and will now be booking more. We wanted to really focus on the CD Release Party and not get too inundated with other gigs until we did an official ‘drop’ of the CD and start off with some strong momentum!
There are some videos going to be posted shortly as we gather different videos and pics from our fans… we also had some pro video and stuff being shot last night which will be coming together shortly as well.

We’ve also been asked about selling discs, etc. for those who could not make it last night. We’re working on some logistics right now to get some sort of e-commerce setup on the website to be able to do that and will also update the Facebook and website when that’s done.

Most of all, just seriously THANKS everyone. This started off as a daydream and a ‘what if?’ and is turning into something very wonderful!
See y’all at the next show – keep up with us on Facebook and here for the latest info!